Prison Donation Program

In accordance with the Missouri Department of Corrections Library guidelines, Chance Books LLC donates contemporary poetry books by female or non-binary writers that meet the following criteria:

  • Materials must not undermine the basic objectives of the Department nor jeopardize the safety of the institution, offenders, staff or the public.
  • Materials should be in a good enough condition to be read and not need any mending. Pages may not be aged-yellowed, musty, water damaged, moldy or mildewed. (Chance Books LLC prefers to donate new books).
  • Books should be paperbacks with an intact cover. Spiral, binder or other hand bindings are not accepted.
  • Erotica, explicit sexual or violent content is not accepted.

If you would like to support this program, please consider donating via Paypal to help cover our shipping costs.

Donate to Chance Books LLC Prison Donation Program

Your donation helps cover monthly shipping costs to send poetry books to libraries in Missouri’s Women’s facilities.


If you are a female or non-binary poet who would like to donate your published poetry book(s) to this program, please email Shannon Steimel at with “Prison Book Donation” as the subject line.

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